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Some new additions to the page

I have opened two new sections on the page, one about my 3D CAD and print designs and one with ”Live Steam”. The two are closely related, I will likely print a lot of 16 mm stuff and the Live Steam project is also in 16mm.

For the print page I think there will be some regular updates, I’m having great fun with 3D CAD and printing right now! The designs I make will be published on Thingiverse, at least for now. I’m hoping for some donations from at least some of you who print or download the designs…

The page with my LiveSteam project is another thing, I plan to build a model, I’m quite far and just the last week I received steel plate for a lifetime intended for the build. But I will not go any further than today with these pages, not until I know there is a project that will be completed. Today it is an outline and it will likely stay as such until I’m close to the end of the project. If it ever will contain more than one project is still not sure, but I have at least two ”dream-projects” further so It might be additions here eventually.

And as this post, these pages will be in English since I get a lot of feedback in English and I think the content may be of interest to many more abroad than here in Sweden.

That’s it for now. The page is starting to have some content that is more than a placeholder. Hope it will continue to evolve along with my projects. I have hundreds of them in my stash and mind…


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