Meny Stäng

3D CAD/Print

One of my interests is drawings. To some extent it has been with the intent to support my other hobby activities, but I find a fascination in drawings that is sufficient to form a hobby on its own. Decades ago I started drawing in 2D, I took old drawings from paper into the computer. I also made some drawings based on measurements and photos, quite good ones I think. I got into some 3D in AutoCad, but I didn’t really get the hang of it… I made some drawing of our house at the time, some plans for extensions and outhouses in SketchUp that I liked better. However, I missed the exactness and ease from the 2D softwares I used.

One of my yet to be finished 3D modelling project in Fusion 360.

A few years ago a friend hinted about this new software, Fusion 360, that was new and really good. So I tried, and I’m hooked! I can use many of my 2D drawings as input, not as imports but I can look at them, pick dimensions and drawing the same thing in 3D is a breeze… Well, maybe not ”a breeze”, but somewhat easier…

My collection of drawings is, I think, quite extensive, I have a lot of Swedish railway drawings in my computer. Complete sets with all part drawings, you really need the index to find them, I have a few 3D projects running where I draw all parts and ”build” the model in my computer. No real intent, just for fun.

I have also found 3D printing, I have an FDM that I run frequently. I also have a Resin printer waiting to be started. The combination of 3D CAD and 3D print opens up possibilities. I’m still not convinced that the FDM printer will be useable for serious modelling, but it sure can be used for serious fun with modelling!

First assembled print of a 16 mm wagon from my favourite 600 mm gauge line: JGJ.

I have a few designs for larger scales, mainly 16 mm, in the computer. The intent is to make models for print that will, in my opinion, be good enough for my (still planned to be) garden railway. I also have a project where I try to design a 0-scale model where I get the most out of the FDM technique. And from a friend, I was challenged to do the same for H0. I have also some N-scale designs of Swedish prototypes intended for 3D print in Resin and sold under the name ”Nmodell”.

I have plans for both my 3D modelling and 3D printing designs. These pages and sub-pages will, eventually, cover most of it…